Cheshire Macro-Moths - Light Emerald

Light Emeralds (Campaea margaritata) in cop. (Photo by: Steve McWilliam) The Light Emerald - Campaea margaritata Linnaeus

Imago / Adult:

The adult moth (imago) varies between 42mm and 54 mm wingspan with the female usually being the larger of the pair. The ground colour is a very pale whitish moss green. It is a resident moth which is normally single-brooded and flies from late June through to early August. A widespread and moderately common moth in the Vice-Counties of Cheshire (VC-58) and South Lancashire (VC-59). The moth comes in small numbers to both MV and actinic light sources.


The larvae, usually 36 to 40mm in length, are a greyish brown colour in the main though on occasions may be a dirty green. The larvae have a fringe of hairs, which look like short brownish bristles, on the lower part of the body along the sides.


The foodplants are varied and include: Birch, hawthorn, oak, bilberry, sweet chestnut and others.


The moth overwinters as a hibernating larva (caterpillar).












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