Direct Searching Techniques:

 - Pupa Digging:

 - Leaf-litter Sieving:

 - Flood Refuse Sieving:

 - Rot-Hole Debris Sieving:

 - Dung Dunking:

 - Pond Plant and Pond Substrate Sieving:

 - Beating Trays:

 - Tree Fogging:

 - Faggot Beating:

 - Red-rot Sieving:

 - Log and Stone Searching:

 - Bark Ripping:

 - Dead Wood Destruction:

 - Searching leaves:

 - Searching Tree-trunks:

 - Searching Specific / Unusual Plants:

- Dust-Buster Usage:

 Hoovering shingle substrate at river and shore edges for spiders, mites and beetles - ?????????????????????

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