Who or What is Nobody's Business ?: 

Nobody's Business is a performing music duo comprising Steve J. McWilliam on guitar and the multi-talented, and humorous,  Ian Jesse on guitar, mandolin, clarinet, flute, whistle and vocals (see what I mean !). 

We play country blues, ragtime, folk and some light rock music, all on acoustic instruments, though we can play these through acoustic amplifiers when the occasion demands.


See-See Rider - low quality MP3.
My Creole Belle - low quality MP3.
Louis Collins - low quality MP3.
All My Friends Are Gone - low quality MP3.
Truckin' Little Baby - low quality MP3.
Nobody's Business - low quality MP3.
Hesitation Blues - low quality MP3.
Earl's Court Breakdown - low quality MP3.

Unfortunately, due to pressure of work and life "Nobody's Business" disbanded in 2000.

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